Below are some of my Client Testimonials

By: Phu-My Gep

I have a lot of realtor friends to choose from for my real estate needs. We have many real estate purchases over the years and TERTIA has given us the best service. TERTIA helped us purchase our home and also sell it. Very professional and she knows working with me and my husband is like working with 2 different clients. Never pressured and always helpful with practical advice. Took usb2 years to find the right house and when we were ready to sell she had it sold in a weekend! We were out of town and wanted to get our house on the market ASAP and she personally arranged everything to make our house ready for showings. She also has gave recommendations for other companies and they have all been good referrals. Would not hesitate to call on her again if the need arises.

By: Trevor Moo

Tertia is very organized and backs up her recommendations with hard facts researched beforehand. Her approach to marketing is thorough, creative and cost effective. The personable approach that she demonstrates is indicative of a flexible professional careerist of exceptionally high standards.

By: AnneMarie Maddigan

As a first time home buyer, this whole experience could have been scary. Tertia made sure I had all the information and support I needed. She listened to what I wanted, patiently took me to many condos, on MY SCHEDULE, not hers, and found me the perfect place.  Tertia was quick with information, listings and excellent when the offer was going through.  Tertia is the agent for you!

By: Eve Marshall

I have several reasons for recommending Tertia Ferdinandusz with nothing but enthusiasm. She is a truly remarkable, interesting, ethical person who is a pleasure to be around. She approaches each new situation with honesty, compassion and integrity, and this seems to bring out the best in everyone. Tertia knows this real estate market exceptionally well. She has shown me countless houses and has spent countless hours with me. She is smart and patient. She has a wonderful engaging manner, and her advice was nothing but trustworthy.  In short, Tertia made the purchase of my home one of most rewarding experiences I have had.  Thanks Tertia!!

By: Michael DeKoning

Tertia was a very professional agent who went out of her way to show my property and reach my sales goal. She was always available for anything that I needed. It was a very good sales experience.

By: Michael Lee

Tertia made the home buying experience a no brainer.  When I was in the process of looking for my first home, I felt it was a daunting task.  My family and friends were asking me how the hunting was going and I was a bit confused and uncertain.  That's when my sister told me to use her friend who she had used in the past.  Tertia would call/email/text me everyday. Some times it felt like she was the one who was buying and not me. So I didn't feel as anxious about the dates.  She is always professional, courteous, accommodating and friendly.  When I buy or sell again, I will be reaching out to Tertia.

By: Colleen Power

I bought and sold my first home with Tertia. She made me feel knowledgeable and she helped reduce the intimidation that comes with a first time buying and selling experience. Tertia took the time to help make sure I was comfortable every step of the way and was happy (and patient!) throughout the whole process to educate me on the process.  I was so happy with Tertia as my agent, that I subsequently purchased my 2nd home with her soon thereafter. And once again Tertia proved to be a huge help. She helped me find my dream home at a price that I could afford because she took the time to get to know me and understand me. I would recommend Tertia to any friend of mine buying or selling a house in today's market.

By: Marjorie & James Lavery

My husband and I met Tertia a few years ago when she was selling a friend's home. We were impressed by her professionalism and trustworthiness.  Fast track a couple of years to the Fall 2011 - my husband and I were selling our house. We needed an agent that we could rely on to represent us effectively. By that I mean, a reliable agent with strong communication and negotiation skills. Believe me when I say, that these skills are very difficult to find in an agent... We had agents approach us that couldn't even spell our names correctly. Seriously? I'm going to hire you to represent us in a half-million dollar deal? It amazes me how many agents there are that use sloppy grammar and have poor communication styles and yet they think they can represent your best interests in one of the largest deals you will make in your lifetime.  We were not actively looking for a house but we found one that we both liked and wanted to investigate further. We quickly found ourselves in urgent need of representation. Thankfully, we remembered meeting Tertia.  After a brief phone conversation, both my husband and I felt confident in having Tertia represent us. As it turns out, we were very fortunate to work with Tertia. Our situation could have easily turned into a nightmare.  The seller's agent of the house we purchased was extremely unprofessional, uncooperative and very rude. Tertia on the other hand, was tremendous and remained professional throughout the ordeal. Our deal would not have finalized without Tertia's help and it frightens me to think what kind of situation this could have ended in had Tertia not been our agent.

By: Jeff Sciberras

Tertia provided excellent service in the sale and purchase of my last home. I found her to be knowledgeable, providing excellent advise and is extremely trustworthy. She helped me receive above asking price for my home and her advise was instrumental in helping me find the perfect home for my family and win a multiple bid offer without losing my shirt. She is a good listener and always has your best interest at heart. As a real estate agent, she has all the qualities I look for."  (posted on Linked-in).  Year first hired: 2009 (hired more than once). Top Qualities: Personable, On Time, High Integrity.

By: Michele & Jody Young

Tertia loves what she does and works hard at it. How can her clients not benefit from that? Whether buying or selling in the GTA, you will be pleased to have Tertia represent you. She was our buying realtor. Our goal was to find the most suitable home to meet our needs while considering several factors. Tertia's goal was NOT to make a sale. Her goal was to meet ours. She goes above and beyond the average realtor. Tertia becomes your partner, makes you feel confident that you're teamed up with a competent agent, and has a genuine interest in helping you meet your goals. Specifically, she quickly determines her clients needs and puts a plan into action accordingly. Throughout the process, she remains responsive, open-minded, and gives advice she would give to her own family. We highly recommend Tertia because when you hire her, you're getting the full package: honesty, integrity, commitment, sound counsel, access to her great network of contacts for related services, and a friendly and positive attitude. Tertia, you exceeded our family's expectations. It was a pleasure working with you. You have become our realtor for life. Thank you!

By: Anna & Henry

Excellent work!  It was a real pleasure to work with Tertia.  She is knowledgeable, professional, patient & understanding.  We have sold our house for a really good price that gives us an opportunity to buy a better new one.  We worked as a team and Tertia was our leader. She is a Realtor you can trust.