Editing & Proofreading, Michele Young

Home Design - EMID - Interior Designer

Home Design - Kitchen Renovations & Cabinetry

Photographer, Donna Santos

Optometrist, Dr.Jeff Sciberras

Chiropractic Healthcare, Dr.Amlinger

Auto Service, Midas

Lawyer, Stephen Shub

Lawyer, Leonard Susman

Lawyer, Maxim Zavet

Lawyer, Thushari Suduwelikanda

Home Inspector, Enio Ferri

Home Inspector, Jim Cleghorn

Home Inspector, Mark Goddard

Mortgage Broker, Paul Lioukras, Online Mortgage

Mortgage Specialist, Peter J, Scotiabank

Vacation & Travel Services
Browse through these links to resources & sites containing helpful contacts & information related to home ownership, buying & selling a home, & family services that may be of interest to you. Every resource listed here leads you to people I know, and information or services that I highly recommend.

Some of my contacts are not included in this list because they prefer to be contacted by phone or email. If you are looking for something that is not listed here, just send me a quick e-mail or give me a call.